The world inspires those who look at it with the eye of an artist and the soul of a creator.

Art is a one of those beauties that has a unique interpretation for each individual. I interpret art as a way of life and inculcate it not only on a mere canvas but in almost everything in life subliminally.

True beauty of any art work lies in the eyes of the beholder. Likewise, I aim to create something that gives enough liberty to the viewers to construe it discreetly.

Coming from an army background, I have travelled to and made home in almost all parts of the country. It has inspired me to stick to my roots while my mind can wander to other places.

I believe in my art’s ability to flow into the creeks and crevices of the jar called “The Inspiration to Paint”. On some days I put the colors of nature on the canvas and on other days I like to fill it with the rusticity of India. There are days when I reminisce God and the spirituality that resides within me and the colors flow effortlessly.

I might paint in Water Colors, Oil or Acrylic Paints. It doesn’t make a difference really. What does make a different though is how true I am to myself when I use them and that my art is able to express the vibrance with which I see life.

Exhibitions done:

  • Solo  exhibition done at Kalaneri  art gallery 2015 oct
  • Solo exhibition  done at Parjaat  jawahar kala Kendra 2015 dec
  •  Participated at Jaipur kala mahotsav  2016
  • Participated in 59th annual art exhibition by  lalit kala academy exhibition and 2 paintings  received special mention and accolades
  • Several corporate houses bought artwork of Arti Vohra

What they say…